• What Is the Best Material for Scaffold Tower?

    Scaffold towers mainly used at construction sites and other industrial locations. Thus, safety must be the number one priority when using scaffold towers. Many people tend to think that steel has an advantage over aluminium, but that notion is not correct. Steel and aluminium have different properties, and aluminium is a sheer winner in many spheres over steel.

    So let us glance over some facts to know more about aluminium material.

    • Aluminium being light-weight, it does not impose much strain on the scaffold.
    • Aluminium material is not vulnerable to catch rust quickly.
    • When compared to steel material, aluminium material is lighter.

    Are there other options?

    Yes, there are other options as well - for instance, wooden scaffold models; however, they do not last and age quickly, and difficult to maintain them as well. That’s the reason why aluminium scaffold tower is the number one contender in this segment of scaffolding. If you’re wondering what types of scaffolds available with aluminium material, then few of them are listed below.

    You can choose from various scaffolding based on the height and width. Commercial applications will require a bigger one while residential applications would need a smaller one. Scaffolding systems that are simple to use are high in demand in homes and among the homeowners. At industrial sites, people would require a rolling scaffold tower for swift and hassle-free movement. When purchasing a scaffolding system, consider safety features as a crucial aspect.

    Which material is ideal for scaffold tower?

    Scaffold towers are essential for a large group of tradespeople and jobs; however, getting the perfect scaffold system can, at times, pose a difficulty. Mobile scaffold towers are available in a variety of material including fibreglass and aluminium that are most popular within the trade and industry professionals.

    As there are various alternatives available in the market - How to determine which material and product to select? And which choice would best suit a specific job?

    So let’s find out!

    Aluminium Scaffold Towers

    Over the past few years, aluminium mobile towers have remained a favourite choice. Aluminium is a light-weight, enduring and cost-effective build that fulfils the needs of professionals and at the same time, provides an easily movable option. Aluminium treated to withstand rust and corrosion, which makes it highly beneficial. It enhances the safety and longevity of the products, as well as it’s crucial for those professionals who work outdoors.

    On the downside, aluminium material is highly conductive, so it is not suitable for those working near power sources or electricity. Besides, aluminium is not as robust as other materials like steel, which means it may be more vulnerable to damage. However, aluminium provides more benefits overall. If cost is a primary concern, then steel is a more affordable alternative.

    Fibreglass Material

    Fibreglass has non-conductive properties, so it is best for those working with electricity lines, grids or lighting. Electricity safety guaranteed with fibreglass material, so it is the safest product to get for these and similar work settings.

    Weight is the only downside of fibreglass material. Fibreglass is a bulkier and thicker material than aluminium. It means fibreglass towers are harder to install, dismantle and move; however, intelligent design has solved all of these problems and made it practicable. Well, fibreglass is a pricier option, but where safety is concerned, it is prudent to invest. When you need a non-conductive ladder, then fibreglass is the only alternative that you should trust.

    The Bottom Line

    No one scaffold material will work in all job types and situations; therefore, it is best to choose the material for the scaffold tower that perfectly suits the nature of the job.

  • 5 Easy Tips To Buy A Used Car For Sale!

    Are you looking to buy a used car in Sydney? Well, you’re not alone, around 3 million units are sold annually in Australia per auto analysts. Both auto dealerships and private owners sell used cars, offering you endless choices. Thus, shopping for a used car for your requirements and budget can be a daunting task, but don’t worry as this post will help you to buy a used car for less. All you need to do is follow the pointers listed in five easy tips below.

    1. What Is Your Budget?

    You can find a used car for sale with finance options. Typically, it shouldn't cost you over 20% of your take-home pay. If you’re budget conscious, then you may want to spend even less. Besides, used cars may require a little more attention from time to time — concerning maintenance, new tyres, spare part replacements like the brake, suspension, battery, etc. Insurance and fuel are the other ownership costs. Moreover, if the used car you’re buying comes without warranty, then you’ll have to set aside an emergency fund to cover any unexpected repairs as well.

    2. Look for Used Cars for Sale Near You

    Use Google to look for Ford Dealers in NSW selling used cars for sale. Filter second-hand cars based on its features, price, kilometre reading on the odometer, and the distance to reach the dealer from your place.

    3. Inspect Vehicle History Report

    Inspecting vehicle history report is critical, as you’ll come to know if it has a salvage title (meaning it has been adjudged a complete loss by the insurance company) or if the odometer has rolled back. Use the car VIN (vehicle identification number) to obtain this information. This report is offered free of cost by most major dealers if they have the vehicle in their stock.

    4. Check Car’s Service History

    Request the dealer that you would like to see the service records. You can see in it if the car had received timely scheduled maintenance or not.

    5. Test Driving a Used Car

    Once you’re satisfied with the vehicle history report and service history, you can move ahead with the test-driving of the used car that you have narrowed down. Test-driving is vital to know whether the car is right for you or not.

    • You can check out if the seats and sitting position are comfortable not only for driver seat but also for the front and the back passenger seats.
    • Are there adequate space for the hip, leg, and head for all passenger seats including the driver seat?
    • Inspect the car tyres! How old they are and whether sufficient tread left on them?
    • How are the brakes? Are they performing their job well of stopping the car?
    • How is visibility? Check the side mirrors and rear-view mirror and look out for likely blind spots.
    • Do you smell burning oil, fuel, or any other strange odour?
    • Check whether the air conditioner blows cold. Do the brake light, headlights, and turn indicators function appropriately. Test it all out.
    • Open the car’s hood, watch out for any leaks, steam, or area covered in oil — if you spot any of them, then it’s time to ask questions.

    Final Words

    Once you’re happy with the vehicle history, service history, and the test drive, get the used car thoroughly inspected by an expert mechanic if the used car doesn’t have a proper warranty in place. Next, you’ll have to negotiate for a good deal, and once you’re happy with the final negotiated price, move ahead with the paperwork for buying the second-hand car of your choice. Once the paperwork is over, it's time to celebrate for your used Ford car purchase — maybe with a long drive with your spouse or friend culminating with dinner!

  • 5 Top Stone Benchtops buying Considerations!

    Stone benchtop

    Benchtops are indispensable for every kitchen, so when you’re out to buy kitchen benchtop, you need to consider durability, practicality, aesthetics, convenience, and budget. You need to make sure that you buy the kitchen benchtop that serves you for many years and keep looking pristine. Nowadays, there is a great variety of benchtops available on the market; however, if you’re after a long-lasting material that looks elegant, you’ll be better off buying a stone benchtop. Here are the five top considerations for buying a stone kitchen benchtop.

    1. How much will it cost?

    When you’re out there to buy a stone benchtop, then it’s certainly a pricier variant compared to other affordable materials like laminate. However, in the long run, the laminate benchtop will prove pricier because depending on your use, you’ll have to change your laminate benchtop between 5 years and 10 years (10 years when you take good care of it). Conversely, stone benchtop especially, granite or quartz engineered stone such as Essastone & Caesarstone will last you between 15 years to 25 years, or even a lifetime depending on your use. So when you install a stone benchtop, you just have to install and forget, for it will serve you for many years. Besides, maintaining a stone benchtop is a very easy plus, your kitchen enjoys the elegant look of the stone benchtop.

    2. Great Practicality

    Stone benchtops have great practicality — they are non-porous material, stain and scratch-resistant, and easy to maintain. You’ll be able to work easily for your daily food preparation chores — just keep the cutting and chopping board on the stone benchtop, and you can easily do the vegetable cutting and food prep. Similarly, cleaning is effortless — just take a damp cloth and wipe clean your stone benchtop and it will look fresh and clean!              

    3. Permanence

    Remember, benchtop would be consistently and roughly used and will be continually exposed to heat and water, thus, it’s imperative to select the benchtop material that guarantees permanence and longevity. Stone benchtops possess the characteristics of permanence for they are robust and durable.

    4. Effortless to Maintain

    Granite and quartz are engineered stone, be it custom-made or ready-made kitchen benchtop, they are effortless to maintain and keep hygienic. They can be washed clean using soap and water, and they retain their shine easily.

    5. Selecting the Right Texture & Colour for Your Kitchen                                                 

    Selecting the right texture and colour for your kitchen benchtop is equally important. There is a vast array of choices for textures (feel) and colour. If your kitchen is small or compact, you’ll benefit from selecting light colours. However, it’s not ideal to select a light colour for your benchtop instead, you can pick the black or grey colour for your benchtop, and have the kitchen cabinets and splashback and walls including ceilings adorn lighter colours like pure white, off-white, cream, pearl white, snow-white, beige, etc. This will make your kitchen feel bigger.

    Final Words

    Although stone kitchen benchtops are pricier than their counterparts, they outperform all the other benchtop materials for durability. Besides, stone benchtops provide aesthetically pleasing elegant looks and will serve you for many years to come. Undoubtedly, installing stone benchtops in Melbourne or the rest of Australia is a worthwhile investment for every homeowner.




  • Why live Chat is effective for Auto Dealerships?

    Automotive live chat helps your car dealership get in front of people at the right time that adds value.

    Today’s car buyers arm themselves with information through multiple digital channels before even stepping foot in your car dealership. The new confident and informed car buyer spends almost 59% of the time online to research, make decisions and form opinions.

    Therefore, your car dealership’s visibility is critical at the research phase by providing a welcoming experience and lightning fast response to enquiries at all times 24/ 7 in those moments of their car buying journey.

    Why my car dealership needs a live Chat Agent?

    The traditional purchase path of shopping and research that used to happen at dealerships now happens online due to the ease and immediacy of digital.  Automotive live chat empowers you to stay top of mind and not risk losing customers to the competitors due to benefits like

    1. Providing prompt response to queries

    Today’s car buyers want their queries answered quickly and failure to do so could risk losing them to your competitor. Further, providing response when they need it in turn allows you to build a relationship with them.  Automotive live chat allows you to keep your car dealership open 24/7 for prompt response to queries and important questions from prospects.

    1. Capture more leads online:

    A full-suite chat service for dealers allows you to capture valuable leads and convert more prospects even in the crowded marketplace. As a channel that answers your potential client’s queries promptly, live chat removes the opportunity for consumers to start looking elsewhere. Since visitors to your website are as such warm leads, live chat helps your sales team interact with the website visitors to find out what they need, and recognize a potential lead.

    1. Access Key metrics for more proactive sales team

    Leading live chat providers to offer a custom chat portal that is integrated with Google Analytics to monitor and generate reports that allow you to know more about your site visitors before the sales team even engages with them. The custom portal provides deeper insights by tracking how long they have been on the website, all the pages they have accessed and their previous chat history. This together creates a seamless and more personalized buying experience, which eventually helps you stand out in the competitive marketplace.  

    1. Your car dealership stays top-of-mind

    Most prospects consider car dealer chat service a better alternative to calling sales associate. Studies reveal that customers actually feel more comfortable asking questions through live chat than if they visited the dealership, thus a live chat turns your website into a customer information portal 24/7.

    1. Increase loyalty, customer retention for repeat business

    Car dealers who leverage live chat have a greater chance to gather valuable leads, convert more prospects while also building long-term loyalty that ensures repeat business. Live chat providers understand your car dealership’s unique challenges, capabilities, needs and want to create a knowledge bank

    Automotive Live Chat Service – Your Essential tool

    With digital driving the new automobile buying journey, you need more than just names and numbers from your website!

    Get in touch today with Sydney’s best live chat service providers to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

  • 5 Pool Energy Saving Tips for Homeowners

    Summer is the perfect time for pool lovers to wear their swimsuits and enjoy the sunny climate in their backyard pool. But, if you own a swimming pool, you also know how costly they are and how difficult it is to maintain them.  

    However, you may be surprised at how quickly you can save money on your pool by simply incorporating various pool energy-saving upgrades such as pool covers, solar pool heating system, etc. Hence, to ensure that you get the most of your pool without spending a penny more, here are five most important tips for the homeowners to enjoy the summers at their pools!

    Tip #1 – Maintaining your pool cover during the winters

    Most pools, when opened in the spring, look like the black pond. This will cause some homeowners to dump many chemicals in the water just to clean the upper surface. However, with the help of a pool cover pump, you can get the dirty water off the surface of the cover. 

    When the pool cover is dry, make use of a broom (specially designed for cleaning pool covers) to remove as many accumulated debris and leaves off the surface of your cover. Unless it’s the time to enjoy your pool, you will thank yourself for keeping a clean cover.

    Tip #2 – Keep your pool warm as much as possible

    While it is next to impossible to stop a pool from losing its warmness, but you can definitely slow down the process by using pool blankets. They float on the surface of the pool and keep the warm temperature of your pool intact.   

    In fact, using good quality pool blankets not only keeps your pool warm but they are also manufactured to absorb sunshine, which helps to warm your pool, providing you with a free heat source. Moreover, it helps in reducing energy consumption by 10 to 30% on your water bills.

    Tip #3 – Use a solar pool heating system

    While a solar pool heating system can help you save money, you can also reduce your energy bills by installing additional solar panels to heat your pools. During summers, the sun rays are the strongest, so why not use this natural element to lower your energy consumption bills.

    However, with a solar pool heating system, you can go environmental friendly with an affordable upfront cost and little to no maintenance.

    Swimming pool solar heating 1

    Tip #4 – Operate your pool pump at night

    It is always beneficial to set your pool pump to run during off-peak hours, which is generally from 8 pm to 10 am, as during this period electricity charges are the lowest. In fact, use an accurate timer to control the pool pump cycle. If you want to save your money, run your pool filters during the off-peak hours to get the best results.

    Tip #5 – Maintaining & cleaning the pool

    Maintaining your pool is a great way to decrease your energy costs. In fact, to reduce the possibilities of frequently changing pool water, it is always recommended to clean your pool regularly.

    Regular pool maintenance also helps to keep your pool water cleaner, up-to-date and it ultimately reduces the amount of energy needed for filtering the water. In fact, reducing the water filter duration to a few hours can help you save on your consumption bills. 

    The Bottom Line

    Whether you have an old pool installed or you’ve just owned a new pool, these pool maintenance tips will help you to minimise expenditure for operating your pool in the best way. So, if you’re looking for a reputed pool heating company that can help you save bucks, Thermo Pools is just a call away! We are one of Australia’s leading pool heating companies that manufacture high-quality pool heating systems with no hidden fees. Get in touch with Thermo Pools today – call us on (02) 8850 4030.

  • Is It Time to Change Your Car’s Tyres & Rims? Here Is What You Must Know

    When it’s time to change your car tyres and rims, you must know which car tyres and rims will be the best fit for your vehicle giving superior handling, grip and performance. Agreed, looks do matter, but more important are how well your tyres perform and keep you and your family safe on the road.

    Change your car tyres rims

    Here is what you must know about your car tyres and rims before you replace them:

    Get Easy Replacement

    The simplest thing you can do is to drive your car to the local tyre shop Sydney and get new tyres of the same brand that are currently on your car. This can save you valuable time and money, but this solution may not be the one you’re looking for. If you’re unhappy with your car’s original tyres and rims because of its overall performance and handling, you’ll want to do more research and find other tyre and rim options that will give you better ride quality, handling and performance.

    Check the Size of Your Car Tyres

    Check your car tyres and note down all the numbers appearing on sides of the tyres. These numbers give out important information such as tyre’s size, speed limit etc. The tyre size is the most crucial number – suppose, your current tyre is 15”, then you should be fitting 15” wheel. Well, you can upsize your car’s tyres to 16” or above provided your car can support them and you’ll have to get new rims to match the new tyre size. However, it’s best to consult a tyre dealer or specialist tyre fitter before upsizing your car tyres.

    Check Your Car’s Tyre Tread

    Tyre’s tread is also significant and you need to jot down the type of tread your current car tyres have. To have a better understanding of tyre tread, refer to the Uniform Tyre Quality Grading systems. All companies who make tyres are needed by law to have their tyres rated using this particular grading system.

    Remember, tyres having a higher grade rating will last you longer regardless of the weather. For example, if you find car tyres with a rating of 130 and another car tyre with a rating of 99 – this means that the car tyres having a 130 rating will last you longer by 31% than the one having 99 ratings. When buying a brand new set of tyres for your car, give prominence to a tread that will endure and perform. Besides, you’ll have to consider sound factor, as some tyres have tread making more of noise on the road than others.

    Know Your Car Tyre’s Speed Value

    All tyres are assigned a particular speed value, which is the top limit and if a tyre runs beyond that top limit, it could blow out. Moreover, low profile tyres may look striking on some cars, but remember, any low profile tyre may not serve you as long as a high profile tyre. Besides, low profile tyres can get damaged easier and don’t have a smooth ride on potholes; however, they can be easily handled than higher-profile tyres.

    Buy Matching Rims

    Rims are not only needed to lend support to the tyres but they also give a refined look. You can choose from black or chrome rims for your car, or select from other colours as per your preference. Ensure you select rims that match to the tyres you’re going to fit on your car. Also, you must ensure the rims fit your car fittingly, as bolt patterns change from one vehicle to another.

    The Bottom Line

    These days, you can buy tyres online at the best rates and even you may get incredible discounts. However, if you’re not sure what tyre and rim size to buy and fit your car, just drive your car to your local tyre shop to get the best tyre and rim recommendation, as well as, get them fitted to your vehicle at great prices.

    Getting Here:

    Planning to buy wheels & tyres online? Visit Eagle Tyres - stocking all major wheels and tyres brands including Bridgestone, Hankook, Goodyear, Michelin and many more. Our tyre shop in Granville, Sydney is just 15 minutes drive from the city.

  • 3 Top Essentials for That Perfect Kitchen Bin Selection

    It may appear like a trivial matter, the perfect kitchen bin is a finishing touch for any kitchen overhaul. Regardless of whether you choose for a freestanding model or a pull out kitchen bin, it should suit your kitchen space and your family perfectly. Now, let’s look at how you can select the right bin size for your kitchen. 

    1. How Much Space You Have In Your Kitchen

    First, consider the available space in your kitchen - this is especially important if you want to install a pull out bin in your cabinet layout. Bear in mind, if you plan for pull-out kitchen bin, you will lose out on the essential storage space from the cabinet; however, it may be possible to have a small shelf or storage above the bin for bags and other miscellaneous stuff. Conversely, if you have limited space, it may be prudent to have a tall but slim kitchen bin that won’t consume more floor space.

    2. Take into Account Your Household Size

    It goes like this - larger a household, larger a kitchen bin you require. If you have a busy family home and you need to empty your kitchen bin several times a day, then it could be annoying. Conversely, if you have a big bin but you live alone, then the big bin could end up leaving your garbage hanging around in your kitchen for too long. In hot or humid days, your kitchen waste bin may develop a nasty odour.

    Follow this simple rule:

    • A small family of two people will be fine with a kitchen bin of around 34 litres.
    • An average family of around two to four people would be better off with a kitchen bin that may range anywhere between 40 and 70 litres.
    • While a big family of around four to eight people may need a kitchen bin that exceeds 80 litres.

    3. Waste and Recycling

    If you’re one who wants to follow the green initiative, you may long to have a kitchen bin that facilitates categorisation of recyclables from your regular waste. Kitchen bins are available with separate split sections for varied types of recyclables. This means you can simply lift the appropriate basket from the bin to pour it into the outdoor container on the collection day.

    The Bottom Line

    • Well, you require evaluating the types of trash bags that are available in your region/ local vicinity before making your purchase decision. 
    • Moreover, you may not like to make a separate trip to another store only to buy larger bags. So it will be beneficial to take a notepad to your local grocery store on your next visit and write down the sizes of bags you will get there.
    • Conversely, if you want to buy bags that cost you more dollars than your ordinary bags, then this will add up in a year. Thus, it’s essential to select a kitchen bin that can hold standard-sized bags that won’t break your bank.

    Finally, if you’re not getting an idea, then you can consult a reputed hardware store for the right recommendation for choosing the right kitchen bin for your home.

  • 5 Car Buying Essentials

    Buying a new car is an exciting and big investment, as it is the second most expensive item you’ll be buying after a house. Besides, a car will help fulfil your transportation needs and serve you for many years to come.

    Looking around for options in new and used cars for sale in Sydney, as well as, reading specifications of car models was never so easy before. Now, you can get all the information about the new car models you’re looking for at your figure tips using your Smartphone, connecting to the Internet, right where you are.

    With the presence of several car manufacturers and many cars models getting introduced back-to-back, it’s getting tougher and tougher to narrow down on a particular car model.

    Here are 5 car buying essentials that will make your car-buying process simple and hassle-free:

    1. What needs you’ve to meet?

    First, determine your transport needs to better understand how you’ll be using your vehicle and what all features you’ll need in your new car. For instance, will you be using your car just inside the city or would you take it for long road-trips over the weekends and long holidays? Would you require extra space for kids and a pet dog? Who will be driving the car in your family – for instance, is it just you who will drive the car or your wife also will drive it occasionally. Remember to include future needs and take a long-term view.

    2. Don’t restrict your options

    Don’t get stuck with the first vehicle you see, but look around for options and explore different car models. You never know, you may just find a model that’s offering more premium features and at a more affordable price point. If not sure, it’s better to have a chat with a salesman of Ford dealer or any other auto dealer so that he may explain all the features of the car in detail and help you in figuring out a car that can fulfil your needs better.

    3. Taking a test drive is imperative

    Many cars look great on the outside (i.e. exteriors), but what’s there inside matters the most. Ensure you feel relaxed and comfy while driving the car. Pay attention to engine noise and observe whether it’s silent or noisy. Is it easy to look out of the windows? Besides, if you’re switching from one car type to another, it differs greatly and taking a test drive becomes more important.

    4. Trade-in your current car

    With dealerships running different types of offers round the year, they will be more than willing to buy your used car and help in reducing the final price of your new car, so it becomes more viable for you. So ask the dealership if they provide this facility.

    5. Warranty

    Manufacturer warranty adds to the peace of mind - the longer it is, the better it is. For example: If you purchase a Ford car on sale from 1st May 2018 onward, then your Ford is covered by 5-year/ unlimited-kilometre warranty. That means for the first five years after purchase, as a Ford owner, you don’t have to worry about maintaining the car. Nowadays, warranties are also given on refurbished quality used cars, which protects the used car buyer from any unexpected issues.

    Voila, five car buying essentials that will make your buying process simple!