5 Top Stone Benchtops buying Considerations!

Stone benchtop

Benchtops are indispensable for every kitchen, so when you’re out to buy kitchen benchtop, you need to consider durability, practicality, aesthetics, convenience, and budget. You need to make sure that you buy the kitchen benchtop that serves you for many years and keep looking pristine. Nowadays, there is a great variety of benchtops available on the market; however, if you’re after a long-lasting material that looks elegant, you’ll be better off buying a stone benchtop. Here are the five top considerations for buying a stone kitchen benchtop.

1. How much will it cost?

When you’re out there to buy a stone benchtop, then it’s certainly a pricier variant compared to other affordable materials like laminate. However, in the long run, the laminate benchtop will prove pricier because depending on your use, you’ll have to change your laminate benchtop between 5 years and 10 years (10 years when you take good care of it). Conversely, stone benchtop especially, granite or quartz engineered stone such as Essastone & Caesarstone will last you between 15 years to 25 years, or even a lifetime depending on your use. So when you install a stone benchtop, you just have to install and forget, for it will serve you for many years. Besides, maintaining a stone benchtop is a very easy plus, your kitchen enjoys the elegant look of the stone benchtop.

2. Great Practicality

Stone benchtops have great practicality — they are non-porous material, stain and scratch-resistant, and easy to maintain. You’ll be able to work easily for your daily food preparation chores — just keep the cutting and chopping board on the stone benchtop, and you can easily do the vegetable cutting and food prep. Similarly, cleaning is effortless — just take a damp cloth and wipe clean your stone benchtop and it will look fresh and clean!              

3. Permanence

Remember, benchtop would be consistently and roughly used and will be continually exposed to heat and water, thus, it’s imperative to select the benchtop material that guarantees permanence and longevity. Stone benchtops possess the characteristics of permanence for they are robust and durable.

4. Effortless to Maintain

Granite and quartz are engineered stone, be it custom-made or ready-made kitchen benchtop, they are effortless to maintain and keep hygienic. They can be washed clean using soap and water, and they retain their shine easily.

5. Selecting the Right Texture & Colour for Your Kitchen                                                 

Selecting the right texture and colour for your kitchen benchtop is equally important. There is a vast array of choices for textures (feel) and colour. If your kitchen is small or compact, you’ll benefit from selecting light colours. However, it’s not ideal to select a light colour for your benchtop instead, you can pick the black or grey colour for your benchtop, and have the kitchen cabinets and splashback and walls including ceilings adorn lighter colours like pure white, off-white, cream, pearl white, snow-white, beige, etc. This will make your kitchen feel bigger.

Final Words

Although stone kitchen benchtops are pricier than their counterparts, they outperform all the other benchtop materials for durability. Besides, stone benchtops provide aesthetically pleasing elegant looks and will serve you for many years to come. Undoubtedly, installing stone benchtops in Melbourne or the rest of Australia is a worthwhile investment for every homeowner.