Live Chat Service Providers

  • Why live Chat is effective for Auto Dealerships?

    Automotive live chat helps your car dealership get in front of people at the right time that adds value.

    Today’s car buyers arm themselves with information through multiple digital channels before even stepping foot in your car dealership. The new confident and informed car buyer spends almost 59% of the time online to research, make decisions and form opinions.

    Therefore, your car dealership’s visibility is critical at the research phase by providing a welcoming experience and lightning fast response to enquiries at all times 24/ 7 in those moments of their car buying journey.

    Why my car dealership needs a live Chat Agent?

    The traditional purchase path of shopping and research that used to happen at dealerships now happens online due to the ease and immediacy of digital.  Automotive live chat empowers you to stay top of mind and not risk losing customers to the competitors due to benefits like

    1. Providing prompt response to queries

    Today’s car buyers want their queries answered quickly and failure to do so could risk losing them to your competitor. Further, providing response when they need it in turn allows you to build a relationship with them.  Automotive live chat allows you to keep your car dealership open 24/7 for prompt response to queries and important questions from prospects.

    1. Capture more leads online:

    A full-suite chat service for dealers allows you to capture valuable leads and convert more prospects even in the crowded marketplace. As a channel that answers your potential client’s queries promptly, live chat removes the opportunity for consumers to start looking elsewhere. Since visitors to your website are as such warm leads, live chat helps your sales team interact with the website visitors to find out what they need, and recognize a potential lead.

    1. Access Key metrics for more proactive sales team

    Leading live chat providers to offer a custom chat portal that is integrated with Google Analytics to monitor and generate reports that allow you to know more about your site visitors before the sales team even engages with them. The custom portal provides deeper insights by tracking how long they have been on the website, all the pages they have accessed and their previous chat history. This together creates a seamless and more personalized buying experience, which eventually helps you stand out in the competitive marketplace.  

    1. Your car dealership stays top-of-mind

    Most prospects consider car dealer chat service a better alternative to calling sales associate. Studies reveal that customers actually feel more comfortable asking questions through live chat than if they visited the dealership, thus a live chat turns your website into a customer information portal 24/7.

    1. Increase loyalty, customer retention for repeat business

    Car dealers who leverage live chat have a greater chance to gather valuable leads, convert more prospects while also building long-term loyalty that ensures repeat business. Live chat providers understand your car dealership’s unique challenges, capabilities, needs and want to create a knowledge bank

    Automotive Live Chat Service – Your Essential tool

    With digital driving the new automobile buying journey, you need more than just names and numbers from your website!

    Get in touch today with Sydney’s best live chat service providers to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.