Vital Things You Must Consider Before Renting a Storage Unit

Nowadays, self-storage facilities provide excellent services wherein they facilitate storing your furniture and belongings as well as your vehicles such as your car, boat or caravan for either short-term or long-term storage. Besides, these self-storage facilities also aid in storing your precious wine. If you want to move your home and in the interim, store all your belongings at a secure place somewhere or just free up essential space in your home or office – for all such needs and more, a self storage can assist you in numerous ways.

A self-storage unit provides you with an essential storage space that you need for which only you will have the access and it is a secure place for storing all your belongings. Nonetheless, there are certain things that you should take into consideration before hurrying to rent a self-storage unit.

Not all storage unit are made equal

Storage units are not made equal in terms of size, hygiene, temperature, security, price and availability of moving trucks among other factors. Hence, you need to select a storage unit after seriously considering all the above-mentioned factors. So it is better to be well informed as far as possible before renting the storage unit.

Shop around to grab the best self-storage facility at the best price

If your region has more than one self storage facility, then it pays to obtain quotes from the ones that are near to you, so that you can easily make your move to the storage facility and back to your home or office. Also, never pick the quote just because it is cheaper than all other quotes rather personally visit the storage units to find out what facilities they provide and whether it justifies the price, they offer.

Look at moving alternatives

Remember, you’ll also need a moving method to move all your belongings from your home to the storage facility, and suppose you don’t have a big vehicle to do this, you can hire a truck from outside. Without bothering your friends or affluent neighbours, look out for storage companies that do provide this type of service.

Select climate-controlled units

Climate-controlled units are particularly crucial if you want to store things that may get affected if they are exposed to extreme cold or heat and wetness; for instance, wine and electronic devices.

Opting for an insurance

Reputed and established self-storage companies out there offer insurance options. It is the safest way to secure all your belongings while they are in storage. This way, you’ll be compensated in case your belongings are damaged or are stolen.

Handy Tips to Keep In Mind

  • When you are trying to find a storage unit, you can always take the assistance by calling the customer care or help desk of the concerned self-storage facility.
  • Remember, a reputed facility will have standard working hours, appropriate staff members and a service level agreement (SLA) that is clear and self-explanatory.
  • It is wise to invest in a sturdy lock for your self-storage unit and keep the key within your easy reach. Certainly, it’s worth buying a quality lock as it has many benefits attached to it.
  • The entire space inside your unit is all yours and you can use it the way you want and as per your convenience. That means you can store all your belongings either using a standard shelving system or heaping one item over another if you so desire.
  • Always maintain a handy flashlight with new batteries inside your vehicle, as it will facilitate you to visit your unit during the day or night regardless of the hour.